We offer you friendly and affordable accommodation in the center of Skopje. We are the biggest hostel in Skopje and we are already known for our warm and welcoming atmosphere, superior accommodation, and great pricing.

                             Hostel Facilities

Our hostel and apartments can accommodate a total of 120 guests. The hostel offers rooms for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people and it has 4 floors. The rooms are clean,convenient, comfortable and highly affordable with proper spring mattress bedsand overlays. Showers and toilets are found on each floor, two of them equippedwith Jacuzzi. There is a central heating in the building, a multipurpose roomwith a big TV set (120 channels, Sky Sports incl.), free WI-FI internet access, laptop, a fireplace, aquarium, piano and a fully fitted guest kitchen. All rooms have Wi-Fi access. 


Apart from the hostel facilities, we also offer highly affordable apartments.
We have one apartment in the hostel building and 16 other apartments located right next to the hostel. All of the apartments are newly built or freshly renovated. Each apartment has a living room with TV set and cable TV (120 channels, Sky Sports incl.), and Wi-Fi internet. All of them have fully equipped kitchens, as well as comfortable bedrooms and new bathrooms.


The hostel is located in a nice, urban and quiet neighborhood, 10 minutes on foot from the main square of the city and 5 minutes by bus. Our Address is St. Adolf Ciborovski (old Mother Teresa) 22, and you can find a link with our location by pressing the map you see below. The settlement is called Debar Maalo, where the most visited coffee bars and restaurants take place; also you can find bakeries, supermarkets and pharmacies. In the vicinity of Urban Hostel there is a 24/7 open bakery. 
The “Universal Hall” is the famous orientation building near our hostel. Everything the city has to offer in terms of attractions and entertainment is within a walking distance.


There are two direct bus lines from the Central Station / Bus Station. You can buy tickets, plastic card, from the driver and they cost 150 MKD (ca. 2.5 €) per person with two rides already included. Most of the time the bus drivers do not have the tickets and allow the tourists to ride for free. Here you can find the timetable of the public transport in Skopje.

Take the lines 7, 15, 21 or 22 and leave the bus on the “Technical University” bus stop (Be careful! There are bus lines that have letters with their numbers. They are not going in the same direction as the ones mentioned before.). From there, you have less than 5 min on foot. If you decide to take taxi, it will cost you no more than 2.50 € from the city center. If you are coming from the bus/train station, beware from the taxi drivers that want to take you to the hostel. Most of them just want to overcharge you. The best option is to walk a little bit towards the main square and catch taxi like that. Nevertheless, the taxi should charge you between 100-150 MKD (1.6 - 2.4 EUR). The exchange rate is 61.5 MKD for 1 EUR.

Urban Hostel facilitates the transport from/to the Skopje International Airport. Namely the Hostel collaborates with a taxi company and offers cheaper taxi service from/to the airport (16.2 €). Please ask at the reception desk about the details for ordering private pick-up. As an alternative, public transport is available as well. On the following link you can find the timetable of the airport bus line.